Alphabet Phonic Song  

 (To the tune of ‘Skip to my Lou’)                              


A = Ants on the appleB=Balls are bouncing
a, a, aC=Caterpillar coughing
Ants on the appleD=Dolls are dancing
a, a, aE=Elegant elephant
Ants on the appleF=Five flamingoes
a, a, aG=Goats are giggling
“a” is the sound of “A”H=Helicopters hovering
 I=Indians itching
J=Jelly beans jumping
K=King kicked a kettle
L=Lions licking lollipop
M=Monkeys are munching
N=Nuts in a nutshell
O=Orange octopus
P=Popcorn is popping
Q=Queen waiting quietly
R=Rats are running
S=Sausages are sizzling
T=Tiger on tip-toes
U=Up umbrellas
V=Violent volcanoes
W=Wibble wobble walrus
X=Fox in a box
Y=Yak is yawning
Z=Ziz-zag zebra