Complaints Policy:

In the event of a complaint a parent should discuss any concerns with the child’s nursery nurse or if they prefer the manager.  We will deal with your complaint as quickly and as effectively as possible.  A written record of any complaint or area of concern are provided to parents and are kept on our file for record purposes.  Hopscotch is registered by OFSTED and inspected for day care provision under the National Standards and for funded nursery education grant.  If you are dissatisfied or concerned with the way in which we deal with your complaint or concern then you can contact OFSTED directly on 0300 123 1231, write to OFSTED, Southern Region, Freshford House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol, BS1 6NL,


Grievance Policy:

In the event of a grievance please bring directly to the attention of the nursery owner who will endeavour to resolve the grievance.  There will be a confidential meeting arranged to discuss the grievance and if appropriate any other staff members or third party will be interviewed so that the matter can be dealt with in a fair and non-judgmental manner.