Policy and Procedures for Sleepers:

Each child that sleeps is provided a sleep bag which contains a top and bottom sheet.  A team member will prepare the sleep area, by laying out sleep mats and making the children’s beds ready for them to come and sleep after they have had their lunch and brushed their teeth.  Each child is allocated a specific area where their bed is always placed.  Blinds are closed, lights are turned off and quiet, peaceful music is played. 

When each child has brushed their teeth they are encouraged to take off their shoes and get comfortable, in order to lay down on their beds.

A team member sits with the children helping them to gently fall off to sleep.  As each child drifts off to sleep their sleep time is record.  Children with a restricted sleep are gently woken at the required time and when ready are encouraged to take part in quiet activities.

15 Min checks are carried out on the sleeping children and recorded in our sleepers folder.

As each child awakes the time is recorded.  All children are up by 2.30pm and afternoon activities are started.