Our Setting

We have three nursery rooms where the children are divided into their appropriate groups according to age and ability.  Disney Room and Little Monkey’s Room caters for the younger children whilst Jungle Room offers care for our older children.  All our staff work towards ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ and make reference to the national standards where appropriate.

The nursery fosters a family atmosphere enabling children to settle in quickly and happily.  Therefore parents can leave their children at Hopscotch with confidence and peace of mind.  We are proud to achieve this with our unique team of dedicated and fully qualified staff as well as the constant correct ratios of staff to children being maintained at all times.

Children learn through play and every opportunity will be given in order for the children to choose freely from a wide variety of toys, equipment and outside play to further encourage their social and imaginative skills.  We also provide a routine and structure, which is essential as this gives the children a feeling of security and continuity.  Our stimulation and encouragement prepares the children to progress through the various stages of development allowing them to become confident individuals.

Jungle Room has its own free flow garden area, making the outside environment always accessible to the children all year round.

We offer comfortable quiet areas within each room where children who need to sleep are provided with their own mattress and bedding.  Hopscotch has a fully fitted kitchen where our cook prepares well-balanced and nutritional food.  Children are encouraged to be independent when washing hands in our child friendly toilet facilities.  Our spacious garden, which includes a safety floor is divided into two main sections, which can accommodate the whole nursery and our wide choice of outdoor equipment.  We also have a purpose built soft gym where children have ‘good fun’ in this physical soft playroom, which is totally separate from the other rooms within the nursery and can be used regardless of the weather conditions.